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About Me

I have been working with Spirit for over 20 years.

Click below to find out more about me and what I do.

Golden Steel Plate
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Golden Steel Plate


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Testimonial from Medium Gordon Smith after I did a reading for him


               What can I say. Wow!                      
I had a reading from Rafael this weekend and he was amazing.  Everything he said    was on point even to the finest details.      Definitely would have another reading        from Rafael in the next few months.

    Thank you  you put my mind to rest.

Psychic Today Viewer

Rafael tuned correctly into my situation. When he reads he explains well what he

is seeing.  He gave me confidence in what he was predicting will come to light as the reading he gave was amazing.

Thank you.


Years ago he gave me a message at a Mediumship Demo and it was very helpful to me regarding a very personal loss some years previously.  He gave me so much insight which is something I will never forget.

Golden Steel Plate

* Due to changes in the law I must state that all Readings are for entertainment purposes only *

All decisions are of the client's own free will and responsibility.

* You must be 18 years or over. *

Golden Steel Plate
Golden Steel Plate
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