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Psychic/Mediumship Development Classes

                                                      We are all born Psychic  
                                                                It is are birth right to use our Spiritual and Psychic gifts to                                                                 bring healing and Light into this world, both for ourselves                                                                 and others.
                                                                      Development classes are available for those wishing to                                                                                        develop there own psychic and mediumship abilities.
                                                                      Classes can be given both on a one to one or in a small group.

Whether your a complete beginner or are currently practicing and wish to develop your skills further each class will be tailor made to suite your needs.

Face to face sessions both in group and 1 to 1 take place at Annegelic Bliss Holistic Center in Oldham.
House visits are also available both for groups or one to one ( Stockport/Manchester areas ONLY) 

Skype Sessions can also be arranged.
      Areas covered include:
    * Meditation/Sitting in the power 
     * Chakra Work - Opening up & Closing down.
     * The 4 Clairs - Clairvoyance (seeing Spirit), Clairaudience (Hearing Spirit),                                                                             Clairsentiance (Feeling Spirit), Clairconizance (Thoughts/Knowing from Spirit)
     * Sensing, seeing and working with the Aura
     * Connecting with Spirit Guides
     * Working with the Spirit World/ Mental Mediumship
     * Trance/Altered States & Physical Mediumship
     * Working with Divination tools such as Tarot Cards, Scrying, Psychometry, Crystals
and much  more.

              Message me via the contact page for more information or to arrange a group circle.
                                          click on the link below to book a one to one session


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