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What is a psychic reading and how can it help?


A psychic reading is a method of providing information and guidance as well as a complimentary view point of the different options available to help a person to understand the problem or situation they have more clearly as well as assist them in making life decisions to help them move forward.


Although a reading can and does cover the past, present and future it is certainly not limited to these topics alone. There is so much more that a reading can offer such as to name but a few:


* The true root of how a situation developed in the first place.


* How your current state of mind, emotions, attitude and environment are affecting the situation.


* Aspects of the situation that you were previously unaware of.


* Your inner hopes and fears.


* The spiritual lesson needing to be learnt from the situation.


* What other possibilities/options are available to help you get towards a specific goal. 


All of these in turn can help you decipher a better course of action as you have more information to work with.


A reading cannot make decisions for you but rather show you the affects that your actions will have on your situation concerned. With this in mind you can decide whether these actions are worth continuing to pursue and if not see what other options are available.


There are a variety of tools and skills that a reader may use to conduct a reading and these will vary depending on the reader.


Some of the most commonly used tools are a as follows:




A deck of 78 pictorial cards which consist of a variety of images that correspond to a variety of different life events, emotions and circumstances. 


By shuffling and laying these cards out in a constructive pattern (Known as a spread) you can gain a clear objective picture of the situation at hand.



Angel Cards are a tool that can help us connect to the Angels and Archangels that are around us for clarity and insight concerning our Soul Purpose, Spiritual Growth and every day life areas.




Oracle Cards are an excellent tool for self development and personal growth.


They can highlight how best to overcome our weaknesses and fears as well as strengthen are already present skills.



Psychometry is the art of gaining information by holding an object whether it be a watch, a key or a wedding ring to name but a few.




The crystal ball is an ancient tool of divination.


The practice formally known as Scrying is as old as time itself and simply refers to the art of gazing at or into a reflective surface to see pictures of the past, present and future possibilities.


The images may appear as symbolic or actual scenes either in the mind's eye of the seer whilst they gaze into the tool or within the tool itself.


Other tools that can be used for scrying include: Mirrors, Bowl of water, Clouds in the sky to name but a few.



The pendulum is a useful tool to finding YES and NO answers to questions and also has been used to find lost objects.

* Due to changes in the law I must state that all Readings are for entertainment purposes only *

All decisions are of the client's own free will and responsibility.

* You must be 18 years or over. *

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